Mystery Dorm 2Edit

Mystery Dorm 2 is a freeware mystery-exploration game made in RPG Maker MV develop by MUHD ADIB on 1 December 2016.

It is the second game in the Mystery Dorm Series. 


Official Website:


Changelog Edit

v1.1612 1 December 2016

  • First released of Mystery Dorm 2 game

v1.1701 4 January 2017

  • Redesign Mizuha
  • Add save station to vending machine room
  • Fix some spelling
  • Player can skip introduction

V1.1702 24 January 2017

  • Fix Bugs
  • Add Save Point to Floor 2E

V1.1702.1 27 January 2017

  • Fix Bugs
  • Add Save Point to Floor 1F

v1.1703 4 February 2017

  • Fix Bugs
  • Fix dialog sentence and grammar
  • Remastered some map
  • Redesign title screen
  • New taskbar icon

v2.1704 30 March 2017

  • Added mouse support.
  • Redesign Hikaru character.
  • Remastered and new design map.
  • Change of item location.
  • Fix bugs, dialog and spelling.

v2.1705 27 May 2017 

  • Redesign Title Screen 
  • Redesign Lecturer Character 
  • Fix Bugs and grammatical error

v2.1707 10 July 2017

  • New Title Screen
  • New Honoka Sprite
  • Piano song in Music Room cut to short
  • Fix some room display wrong name before entered it
  • Remove Piano in Room 2-15
  • Remove death fragile wooden floor.

Story Edit

This game focus on a female college student named Mizuha who has no friend in her college. Because a rumor, everyone at college and her class ignored she. Even for the final project, she was rejected by her classmates. 

One night, she went to study room at her dorm to do her project. Because the people in study room are noisy, she left the study room and then she entered an old dorm next to her dorm just to use the study room in that building. Before that, she met one man in front of the old dorm that warned her not to enter the building. Instead, she ignored him and continue to enter the old dorm then she enters the study room. 

Suddenly, the whole room blackout and she found out that she is now in another unknown room. Her final project also disappears. Help her to find her project and a way to get out the dorm. 

This game has 3 different endings. 

Character Edit

Yuki Mizuha:

Yuki 1

Main pro antagonist of this game.She girl who has no friend because of her shyness. Always rejected by her classmate but she did not easily discouraged. Enter that dorm to finished her final year project.

Takumi Hikaru:

Bf1 1-0

A kind teenage boy. Mizuha found him fainted in dorm. Enter the building because wanted to know where his room. He help Mizuha find her final year project and a way to get out from that dorm.

Inshida Honoka:

Honoka1 1

A dead teenage girl who fell from the dorm roof while trying to take her final year project back.Her trying to kill Mizuha and Hikaru. She remains as ghosts just to have revenge on Taki and Misaka who cause her death. Mizuha and Hikaru was mistaken as Misaka and Taki.

Inshida Takeru:

Unknown 1

Older brother of Honoka,guarding the building after his little sister death. Mizuha met him in front of the old building before she entered.He gave warning to Mizuha to not enter that building because worried that his little sister spirit will haunt her.

Takanashi Misaka:

Misaka2 1

A girl who is jealous of Taki and Honoka relationship.She spread rumors that Honoka do a vandalism in the toilet. She was the reason of Honoka death. After knowing that Honoka is dead,she felt regretful with what she has done.

Miyamoto Taki:

Old Bf 1

A new transfer student who joined Honoka's class.In beginning Taki was in the same team as Honoka. After the bad rumors about Honoka is spreads,he abandoned Honoka and join Misaka for final year project.

Mikoto Akemi:

Girl1 1

Mizuha's classmate who always spread bad rumors about Mizuha. She always look down on Mizuha.

Shimada Shimizu:

Girl2 1

Mizuha's classmate which also a good friend of Akemi. She also always look down on Mizuha

How to find Mizuha final year project Edit

a) Cover page

  • In Room 2-19

b) Introduction page

  • In locker at floor 2D

c) Objective Page

  • At ghost in music room

d) Methodology

  • In drawer after get puzzle key in room 1-6

e) Literature Review

  • At ghost in the first maze room

Ending Edit

This game contain 3 different Ending

1) Ending 1 (Happy Together)

Ending 1- Happy Together

Ending 1: Happy Together

Player got all final year project papers and didn't the Ending 2 things.

2) Ending 2 (Amnesia)


Ending 2: Amnesia

Player got all final year project paper but do this things:

  • Hikaru broke a mirror at floor 2-D
  • Hikaru kicked or break the vending machine
  • Hikaru didn't give a food to the boy in kitchen

3) Ending 3 (Murdered)

Ending 3

Ending 3: Murdered

Player didn't get all 5 final year project paper.

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